We help SMBs improve their processes...

... by enhancing existing systems or developing newer & better ones. We apply analysis, design, programming, and training. Keep reading...

Custom Programming

You need a system that automates your business processes instead of requiring you to adopt those of a canned package. We have written custom software solutions that have saved time, saved money, expanded visibility to data and information, secured data and resources, and have prevented costly manual mistakes. We can usually give you a system that does what you want for less money than a canned package.

Business Intelligence

Many SMBs are investing in Business Intelligence solutions to assist with their efforts of cost cutting and efficiency improvement. Sure, but why is BI so important??? Because BI makes it fast and easy for people to use existing transactional data to answer critical business questions like:
  • What were the results from this sales promotion?
  • Should we expand our operations?
  • How will a rise in the price of gas increase overall transportation costs?

Web Applications & WebSites

A better approach to software distribution is via the internet-  or intranet-delivered model. Your users need merely a client machine with a browser. Instead of installing programs on a user's machine and then having to perform regular maintenance on those programs, our programs are developed to run from a website. Updates to the programs are available immediately to each user. Development costs are the same as for an installed model, but enhancements and fixes are quicker and easier, and TCO is lower. Usually much lower.

For example, a business buys a moderately powerful desktop machine to run a dedicated application. Replacement of the machine, or even just a failed hard drive, requires another outlay of capital plus the technician's time to configure it. Our program delivered via the internet or intranet needs only a low-powered machine and a browser. This can be a new machine right out of the box, or an old machine retasked after having been replaced somewhere else in the company. A great way to reuse a hand-me-down.

Microsoft Excel Training

Someone above you in the organization now requires you to provide reports in Excel. But you don't know Excel, or at least not well enough to meet the requirements. That's where we come in. Our founder is an expert in Excel and has a curriculum proven to not only teach you the ins and outs, but make you understand it. You will go back to work and not only meet those requirements, but use Excel to provide more insights into the company's information, not just the data.